TV Advertising in Finland


There are several reasons why TV advertising is still popular in Finland: High TV penetration: Finland has a high TV penetration rate, with most households having at least one TV set. This makes it easier for advertisers to reach a large audience through TV advertising. Targeted advertising: TV advertising allows advertisers to target specific demographics […]

Native customer service leads to success

Customer service and customer experience can determine the success of your company or your brand, and the importance grows even bigger when you enter a new market area such as Finland – then localization is the key to success. This means understanding the needs of a local consumer and to have knowledge of the culture, […]

Mixtra – The most versatile marketing agency in Finland


Finland is an exciting prospect for many e-commerce players planning to expand their business to the Nordic market. What the Finnish consumers lack in volumes they make up in consumer behavior. The stereotypical view of Finnish people being reserved and antisocial is quite accurate when it comes to our preferred shopping habits – we like […]

Mixtra strengthens its operations in Europe

Mixtra deepens its cooperation with the German sales and services agency icare sales & services Dialogmarketing AG ( Due this strong cooperation, Mixtra is able to offer its customers an even more comprehensive services in the European and especially German markets, as well as a gateway to Nordic success for customers of icare sales & […]

Why localize?

As we know, Finns appreciate websites and service in their own language. Localization is not just removing language barriers by translating texts in your website or contents in your social media channels.

Market Entry – 3 tips for the Finnish market

1. Google is the most important source of information when Finnish people are online shopping So, make sure your website content, SEO & SEM marketing is translated in Finnish properly. We have helped our clients with these topics with great success. 2. These are TOP 4 categories people in Finland have bought recently Clothes, shoes […] is now LIVE

Welcome to our fresh and new site. Mixtra is one of the leading service providers in Finland for e-com companies from abroad with a long and profound experience in all areas of localization, customer service & support and digital marketing. We are qualified professionals in their specific areas of business, and they carry out client projects with […]