Today a good customer service must meet the customer’s needs by being approachable around the clock. Naturally, the phone service is less often open 24 hours, but when the phone service is closed, approaching by email is a good option. The role of own websites in customer service has also increased significantly in recent years, with the emphasis on the importance of customer experience and the development of technological solutions.

Companies have brought more content and information to their sites, for example in the form of various instructions, tips and frequently asked questions. Of course, as information increases, finding the right information also becomes more difficult, in which case a clear website structure and, for example, a semi-automated chat service works very well by first mapping out the customer’s needs and then guiding them to the right information or directing the customer directly to the human chat customer service, if the need requires it. Outside of customer service opening hours, you can also leave a contact request from the chat service, in which case the customer service representative will be in touch when the customer service opens.

The role of social media in customer service has also been emphasized, because for many customers this is a natural and easy approach channel, and they use it also for other communication daily.

You could say that effective customer service today consists of a combination of these things and is more than just answering the customer’s questions. It is accessibility, guiding, helping and increasing the customer lifetime value. So, with a good plan and great combination of channels, customer service can also a significant function in growth.