Market Entry, Customer Service, Growth Marketing


The family behind DILLING has been producing high quality underwear since 1916. They offer a wide selection of products made from organic merino wool and cotton. Their underwear is sold exclusively online, so you can buy boxer shorts, leggings and T-shirts, etc. at very reasonable prices- directly from the manufacturer. At DILLING  you will find clothing for women, men, children and babies.

The Challenge & Solution  

The challenge was first to localize DILLING quickly and smoothly into the Finnish market and support their logistics with a tailored solution. Second to increase order volumes and enhance customer service and satisfaction in the Finnish market. Our market entry solution effectively combines localization, digital marketing, customer service and return handling.


Mixtra has been a great help to DILLING in the Finnish market. We have been able to grow DILLING’s business significantly and  respond rapidly to seasonal changes.