The most common measures for the customer service are Service level, NPS and additional sales.

Service Level can include e.g. how much of the calls should be answered and in what time, this same logic also applies to e-mails and other channels. Service Level is a good and clear metric to guide customer service with numbers, but unfortunately it does not tell everything about the customer experience or the success of the customer service event.

The NPS measurement, on the other hand, tells specifically the customer’s honest opinion about the quality of customer service and the probability that she/he would recommend a brand or store. From the NPS results, we can also conclude what would be the probability the customer will purchase again from a certain store.

Additional sales in customer service divides opinions, whether it is part of customer service or not. In our opinion, this is part of good customer service because it’s very customer-oriented to tell, for example, about ongoing campaigns or even offer benefits available only to current customers in a customer service situation, since many campaigns are aimed only at new customers.

By developing all these results, you can see the positive correlation with the customer lifetime value.

How do you measure your customer service?