Localization & Digital Marketing


Motorfinland is part of the North European Trust AB that specializes in selling motor vehicles for consumers at a reasonable price. They offer a wide selection of two and four-wheeled vehicles such as dirt bikes, ATV´s and mopeds for the entire family and are highly valuated among their customers for good over all service and smooth deliveries.   

The Challenge & Solution  

Being successful in the Swedish and Norwegian market for years they have struggled to adapt to the Finnish market and its difficult language, not having any in-house Finnish speakers in the company. Mixtra has helped them in localizing their webstore directly in their back yard and created fluent Finnish marketing content in all of their main marketing channels.   


“Mixtra has been an extremely flexible partner to work with. During busy times it´s so convenient that they don’t need much of our help, but we can just give them some guidelines on our upcoming campaigns and they always deliver! We have been growing steadily in Finland ever since we started this co-operation and without breaking the bank on our Finnish marketing budget.”