As we know, Finns appreciate websites and service in their own language. Localization is not just removing language barriers by translating texts in your website or contents in your social media channels. It is not enough that people can understand if it does not resonate with the recipient. Localization means adapting into a specific market and meeting the needs of language, culture and local look and feel – without losing the company’s own tone of voice.

We have been extremely happy to create several success stories when we have been part of our clients’ progress from translating to localizing and adapting. After that they do not just only sell and ship to Finland – they also exist in Finland.

By localizing your business, you can improve the customer journey, and show your local customers that you care about them. A well-adapted company appears more convincing and trustworthy to customers and stands out in a good way. That strengthens the position on the market.

Customer experience is linked to a company’s success. Every little detail, that weakens customer experience and leads to an extra contact, causes costs for a company. And opposite: successful, well-structured, and executed customer experience engages effectively and helps to reach sales goals.

If you are curious to hear more about our localization services and the Finnish market, let’s get in touch!

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Karoliina Viuhkola-Räsänen

Mixtra Oy

Account Manager