Customer service and customer experience can determine the success of your company or your brand, and the importance grows even bigger when you enter a new market area such as Finland – then localization is the key to success. This means understanding the needs of a local consumer and to have knowledge of the culture, which gives you the possibility to meet the customers’ expectations. By providing native Finnish customer service you can meet the foundational need of the customer and that is the best base for all interactions.

All localization services under one roof

Here at Mixtra we can provide you everything you need for entering the Finnish market smoothly and successfully, and all under one roof. We have experience and best practices for localization and translations and copy-writing, e-commerce platforms, logistic services, Finnish customer service and all marketing services from traditional to digital marketing. Whatever your challenge, problem or need is – we will help you find the best and cost-efficient solution. Besides Finland we also offer all the above and even more in all Nordic countries.

Our contact center offers your customers the best possible multi-channel service in a timely, efficient, and pleasant way. We can also adapt to your order management system and other processes or even help you build everything you need from the start. Our strength is the flexibility to integrate and adapt to different system environments and operating systems of our clients.

Your customers will have all the thinkable ways to reach out for support and the option to choose the most pleasant method for contacting regardless of their age or any other factor. Our professional, native call center agents are sales-minded and have been trained to meet customers and various people always in a friendly and solution-oriented way – we treat your customers as our own.

Happy customer = returning customer

Customer service encompasses all interactions between a customer (or potential customer) and a company. This may happen over the phone or email, on social media services, and in chat conversations. Customer service covers the entire customer experience from the very first contact to sales and beyond – and is crucial for success. By offering a top-notch customer experience you’ll gain a competitive advantage and have loyal customers that bring in new customers – absolute win-win-situation. Customer service is now seen as a new competitive advantage, and it can be the key factor on how to differentiate from other e-commerce players.

How customer experience can be a differentiator

But what are the benefits of localization and having native speaking customer service and how can it be foundational to your success?


Titta Turtiainen

Quality & Resource Manager

Mixtra Oy